Fixing Health Care, one friend at a time

We don't like the system either.
So we fixed it. We fixed health care.

For one, low, monthly price you get unlimited access to a primary care medical home.

Health care affordable and accessible.

What is a medical home?

A primary care medical home is a special type of primary care practice. Think: a member of a family, not a cow in a herd.

Affordable access

With a medical home, care happens when you need it (today, of course). And it doesn't cost any extra.

Tech-enabled relationships

At Big Tree, mobile tech makes your relationship with you care team convenient and meaningful. Download our messaging app

Cost matters

A great medical team is pretty worthless if you cannot afford your meds. A Big Tree membership gets you access to our members-only pharmacy. Generic meds are free or wholesale cost.

Get a Better Health Care Experience

Individual Memberships

The best way to manage an awful deductible. Choose a membership:
• Unlimited Care: $59/month
• Virtual-only: $44/month

Group Memberships

We will lower your total cost of care and thrill your employees. Choose a membership:
• Unlimited Care: $59/month
• Virtual-only: $44/month

Meet Tracy

Watch Tracy's experience at Big Tree. Her out-of-pocket medical expenses went down by 80%.

We Provide World-Class Medical Care that you can afford

Team-based care is more affordable than doctor-centered care. Our doctors are smart, seasoned professionals highly regarded in their field, but only a part of a team.

Your care team needs to be small enough to know you, skilled at the profession AND accessible.

And accessible means both that you can get care when you need it and it means that you can afford it.

Depending on various local factors, we build you a team that may include a doctor, a nurse, a nurse practitioner, a dietician and a pharmacist. Your team will know you, and you will know your team.

It's like your own little medical family. Except one that likes you and one that you can actually afford.

We do not bill insurance, so it doesn’t matter to us if you have the best insurance or no insurance. Our services cost the same. We can provide information to you our patient if you want to send it in to apply to your deductible. But, when you pay a low, monthly fee for all services, our incentives are aligned with your incentives. We are on your team. And it transforms the entire health care experience.

Hear From Our Patients

Tim M.

Virtual Care Patient

My visit to Big Tree was hands-down the best medical office visit I have ever had in my life.

The services offered are amazing, and they are willing to work within your schedule, even if that means meeting you at the office at 6 pm on a Saturday. I am so grateful to Big Tree for what they are doing for our community.

Amanda B.


Yesterday, my primary care doctor office, texted me to state they knew I was running low on my prescription and asked if I would like a refill. Of course I said yes and within minutes my prescription was filled and waiting for me. Thank you, Big Tree Medical Home for keeping this busy Mama healthy.

Alyssa F.

Virtual Care Patient

5 stars!

I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with Big Tree Medical Home! Wonderful, caring and patient doctors. Quick availability for appointments (well or sick visitors), very affordable medications and the convenience of texting or emailing a doctor when you have a question. My family is saving money and receiving better quality care with a membership here than we were under traditional employer-sponsored insurance. Thank you Big Tree for being a wonderful solution to the outrageous health insurance crisis we have in this country.

Simple. Easy. Affordable Health Care

With Big Tree Medical Home