Big Tree Medical Home is a direct primary care medical practice in Columbia, Missouri. We bring cutting-edge primary care ideas to solve the healthcare crisis in mid-Missouri. Our mission is to save our patients and businesses money on their healthcare bill while providing top-notch care.

We do not bill insurance, so it doesn’t matter to us if you have the best insurance or no insurance. Our services cost the same. We can provide information to you our patient if you want to send it in to apply to your deductible. We also focus on preventative medicine and not just treating symptoms but getting to the root of the problem.

Big Tree is the brainchild of Dr. Adam Wheeler and his wife, Jen. Dr. Wheeler formerly worked for Tiger Pediatrics, a large pediatric practice in mid-Missouri known for its excellent, relational care.

We are changing the financial aspect of health care by ending the fee-for-service payment structure for primary care. However, we provide the same, and most cases better, patient care. One of our primary purposes is to improve the community and state where we live.

We realize that getting care is both time consuming and expensive.  We try to utilize modern technology (video-based visits, text messaging, etc whenever it is appropriate).  This both saves time and money.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Jen Wheeler, President of Big Tree at 573-814-1170 or jen@bigtreemedicalhome.com.

Why Choose Big Tree

We want to be your family members you can contact at any time about any medical issue. So, we answer our phones all day and all night. We see patients same day. We make it easy just to text your questions. And we even have a service where we will come to your home. And it’s important to us that you get the best medical care at all times. You are important to us.

We are one of the cheapest places in town to go to the doctor and to get medicine. And we even go one step further by telling you the cheapest place to get anything medical done. We think healthcare should be affordable.

Our doctors are smart, down-to-earth professionals highly regarded by their patients for their compassion and expertise.  Our nurses are seasoned professionals with broad experience.  Unlike most clinics that use non nursing staff, we feel that registered nurses fill a vital role allowing the highest level of professionalized care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Andrew Doppelt MD: Originally from Texas, Dr. Doppelt moved to Columbia in 2014, previously working in medical research.   He completed his MD in 2015 at Trinity School of Medicine, doing most of his clinical work in Chicago.  Known as the doctor with cowboy boots, Dr. Doppelt enjoys flying airplanes and martial arts.

Helena Galstian MD: Originally from Los Angeles, Dr. Galstian grew up in an Armenian-American household and is fluent in Armenian, English and sarcasm. She completed her MD in 2016 at the American University of the Caribbean. Her clinical rotations were primarily in Detroit.  Since moving to Missouri, Dr. Galstian has learned to hate the humidity and love the people.

Megan RN: Megan previously worked in OB at Boone Hospital and for Dr. Wheeler at Tiger Pediatrics. She also previously worked at Andy’s Frozen Custard.  She is active as a leader of Young Life in Columbia.

Marisa RN: Marisa previously worked in the ICU at Boone Hospital Center, especially with neurologic and neurosurgical cases.  She has two children and enjoys partying in her cul-de-sac with her neighbors while playing corn hole.

Amanda RN: Amanda previously worked in OB at Women and Children’s Hospital in Columbia.  Amanda and her husband have 3 children, who are the center of her world.

Jen Wheeler is the Chief Operating Officer and cofounder of Big Tree.  She was the founder of City of Refuge, a local non profit that helps refugees become established in Mid Missouri.  She has a degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri and has worked in advertising and public relations before her work as a social entrepreneur.  She has been recognized by many organizations for her work, including being runner up for the Miche Woman of the Year.

Noe Rusaya:  As a care coordinator, Noe makes things happen at Big Tree.  He cares for the mobile clinics and also works part time for City of Refuge, coordinating care for East African refugees.  Noe came to the US in 2009 from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where he worked managing the health care of an entire district.  He has a degree in Public Health from the University of Rwanda and is fluent in English, French, Swahili, Kinyarwanda and similar dialects.  He only has 5 children, which apparently is a disappointment to his extended family, as he has the fewest children of any of his relatives.

Adam Wheeler MD is a cofounder of Big Tree and serves as Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director.  Dr. Wheeler enjoys hacking the health system and may be the only doctor in the US that secretly dreams of working in insurance.