Big Tree Medical Home is a direct primary care medical practice in Columbia, Missouri. We bring cutting-edge primary care ideas to solve the healthcare crisis in mid-Missouri. Our mission is to save our patients and businesses money on their healthcare bill while providing top-notch care.

We do not bill insurance, so it doesn’t matter to us if you have the best insurance or no insurance. Our services cost the same. We can provide information to you our patient if you want to send it in to apply to your deductible. We also focus on preventative medicine and not just treating symptoms but getting to the root of the problem.

Big Tree is the brainchild of Dr. Adam Wheeler and his wife, Jen. Dr. Wheeler works for Tiger Pediatrics, a large pediatric practice in mid-Missouri known for its excellent relational care.

We believe in bringing the culture of Tiger Pediatrics into the adult healthcare world. We are changing the financial aspect of adult care by ending the fee-for-service payment structure for primary care. However, we provide the same and most cases better patient care. One of our primary purposes is to improve the community and state where we live. Big Tree is not financially affiliated with Tiger Pediatrics.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Jen Wheeler, President of Big Tree at 573-814-1170 or jen@bigtreemedicalhome.com.

Why Choose Big Tree

We want to be your family members you can contact at any time about any medical issue. So, we answer our phones all day and all night. We see patients same day. We make it easy just to text your questions. And we even have a service where we will come to your home. And it’s important to us that you get the best medical care at all times. You are important to us.

We are one of the cheapest places in town to go to the doctor and to get medicine. And we even go one step further by telling you the cheapest place to get anything medical done. We think healthcare should be affordable.

Our doctors are smart, seasoned professionals highly regarded in their field.