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Unlimited Care (Individual)

$59/month for Unlimited Care in person or virtually.

Medications at cost.

Health care like you always thought it should be.

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Big Tree National

$50/month unlimited same-day virtual visits (text, video, email)

Chronic disease care, acute care.

Includes over 100 free medications and free shipping.

Single-visit options available.

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Virtual Medical Home (Individual)

$44/month for unlimited virtual visits (video, text message, phone).  In person visits are $85.

Medications at wholesale cost.

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Virtual Medical Home (Business)

Businesses for $44/month for unlimited virtual visits with FREE medications (see list on Medications tab above).

In person visits $85.

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Pay as you go

Don’t want to join as a member? Not a problem!  We want to keep prices as transparent as possible.  Feel free to shop. Local health systems list their prices online.  Their listed price for an urgent care visit is over $325.

Office visit: $125.

Virtual Visit: $75.

After-hours add on charge: +$50.

Rapid strep test: +$25.

Electrocardiogram: +$35.

Urinalysis: +$15.

Medications: $5 + cost.

Laceration stitches: +$225.

(all of the above is included at no additional cost in Big Tree plans)

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Unlimited Care (Business)

$59/month for Unlimited Care in person or virtually.  Medications FREE (see list on Medications tab above).  The most powerful tool in health care for lowering costs.  Self-funded health plans see a 50% reduction in cost.  ROI: $8:$1

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