Help and Hope

Help and Hope. Help means you can get care when you need it and you can afford it. Hope means that in the unfortunate event that you experience a catastrophic medical situation, you don't end up bankrupt.

Our innovative approach can provide you care you can afford and we work with partner organizations that can make sure you are financially ready for those really difficult situations.

Quit Smoking Program

Even if you are not a patient of Big Tree, you can enroll in this program to help quit smoking. Imagine, you could quit smoking today! You must be a member of one of our monthly plans to participate.

Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is hard. Really hard. But we can help. We use a medical weight loss system that uses medicine to help you stay on a 1,200 - 1,500 calorie diet. This program is customized for each patient, and all patients must be on a monthly plan. At least the first visit must be in person.

Dental & Vision

Exclusive to Big Tree Individual and Employer Group Members. There are no network restrictions, you can use your preferred providers. Includes preventive, diagnostic, basic dental, major dental, and child orthodontics.

Simple. Easy. Affordable Health Care

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