Arrowsight, welcome to Big Tree Virtual Travel Clinic!

Your on-call physician is Dr. Brian Schurgin, you may text him at 773-877-3030.

We are excited to share with you the simplest way to get great care wherever, whenever the need arises. There are two parts to our virtual travel clinic: the connection with your on-call doctor and your mobile care platform. We use a simple telemedicine platform so that anywhere you have a cell signal or the ability to pick up a phone you can connect with your on-call physician. You will be provided a phone number that allows you to connect with your doctor. You can text message or call this number at anytime. For the sake of redundancy, you are also free to call the Big Tree main phone number at anytime (573) 814-1170.

Your mobile care platform is a small travel case that contains most of the medications and supplies that you would need to treat or manage about 90% of acute health conditions that might arise in your travels. These medications have been dispensed directly from your doctor’s clinic and as most of the medications are to be used by prescription only, interaction with your doctor is an essential part of treating most conditions. These medications are standard FDA approved generic medication that may or may not be indicated for various conditions. You will always want to take these medications at your doctor’s direction.

Most travel medicine experts take their guidance from the CDC’s travel medicine website.  They have both a doctor facing site and a travel facing site that are both indexed by country and often provide region specific guidance.

For regulatory reasons, below are the package inserts to the medications you have been provided.

 Medication package inserts

Notes on security: Any text messaging arriving in our secure system can only be accessed by your health team logging into our electronic medical record.  For privacy reasons, if you would prefer to speak over the phone, use the above number to send a text message notifying the physician of your desire to do so.